Monday, May 24, 2010

Scrub-A-Dub-Dub: Abuse in the Tub

The time she fear the most is here
Her uncle comes hand on beer
The door opens with a squeak
All of a sudden she feels weak

His smile is big His eyes are grim
She is way too scared of him
Her grabs her arm and drags her close
“Ready for fun?” He wickedly boasts

Her mom and dad are on a date
It ended early they’re at the gate
He shuts the bathroom door behind them
She’s in tears it’s time to please him

Mom and Dad are at the door
The keys are somewhere in mom’s purse
Now he’s got her on the floor
Pleasurably saying every curse

The floor is soaking from her eyes
It hurts so bad like the family ties
Up the steps her parents go
Side by Side hands in tow

He’s punching her he likes the feel
It’s been so long It feels so real
Her dad walks in to his horror
Her mom looking in the mirror

Her Daddy pulls his gun from its place
And thrusts it painfully in his face
He pulls the trigger one good time
Her uncle drops like a dime

Her Mom is mad and sad and crying
Her Dad is overwhelmed his brain is frying
She never saw her uncle again
Till this day she still wears a grin